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The Far North Region (Far North Province until 2008), also known as the Extreme North Region (from French Région de l’Extrême-Nord), is the northernmost constituent province of the Republic of Cameroon. It borders the North Region to the south, Chad to the east, and Nigeria to the west. The capital is Maroua.

The region is one of Cameroon’s most culturally diverse. Over 50 different ethnic groups populate the area, including the Shuwa Arabs, Fulani, and Kapsiki. Most educated inhabitants speak French, and the Fulani language, Fulfulde, is a common lingua franca

The Fulani (Fulbe) make up a large portion of the Far North’s population. The heart of the province is primarily Fulani territory, and Maroua is mostly a Fulani settlement. They also occupy smaller pieces of land south of there, one along the border with Chad, and one to the southeast.[20] The Bororo Fulani, tall, thin nomads with lighter complexions than their sedentary kin, drive herds of cattle through this region, though they also move through most of the northern strip of land between Nigeria and Chad, as well. The Fulani speak Fulfulde, a Senegambian language.




Waza National Park

The most popular and diverse National Park in Cameroon is located 120 km north of Moroua (journey of at least 2 hours by 4×4). The Waza Park has been founded 1968 and covers an area of 170,000 ha, making it the largest natural wildlife reserve in francophone West Africa. Depending on the season you will find elephants, lions, giraffes, warthogs, ostrich, antelope, monkeys, etc. Especially for bird lovers, the park is an interesting destination.

During the rainy season between June and November, the access could be difficult because of road conditions. This time serves as a brief recovery period for the animals.

Ask a tour operator to organise your trip . They must be accompanied by a park guide of theWaza-visitor center.

Opening times: 06 – 18:00 h

Admission: Cameroonian nationality: 1,500 FCFA/day, foreigners with residence permit: 3,000 FCFA / day, tourists: 5,000 FCFA

Park guide:

4X4 including the driver: about 35,000 FCFA / day, without fuel



    Kalamaloué National Park

The Kalamaloué is with 4,500 ha a rather small National Park rich on vegetation. It is located 15 km west of Kousseri and the border to Chad. You can observe for example hippos, monkeys, crocodiles and different bird species. Depending on the season elephant herds move through the natural wildlife reserve. Starting from Maroua Maroua, it is at least a 4.5 hours drive (the 250 km route is very damaged). Gokoro National Park

In the east of the Mandara mountains, on the road that connects Mokolo with Mora you will find the Mozogo Gokoro National Park (1,400 ha) rich on vegetation and animals. In very small park you can observe many baboons and other monkeys. Plan from Maroua a driving time of about 1.5 hours in a 4×4.

Tip: Combine your visit to the National Park with a trip Oudjilla and Djingliya!


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